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White New Baby Gift Set - 3 parts-Beads and Bobs for Babies-Early Years Boutique

White New Baby Gift Set - 3 parts

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This Gorgeous Gift, has been brought to you by Beads and Bobs for Babies. See more from this popular collection here.

Celebrate the birth of a new baby with a stylish and beautiful gift set including dummy clip, teething ring and matching necklace. Make a new Mum feel extra special by gifting her a contemporary gift set that not only helps her baby build their senses and dexterity but gives them safe products to chew. Practical and beautiful- not often are these two combined!
Teething ring- Designed to provide different colour variation between the wooden beads and coloured silicone beads as well as sounds with the wooden rings. You can stimulate 3 senses ( touch, hearing and sight) all at once. Proven to help sensory development and dexterity as the baby plays. Perfect when combined with the fact that the beads can be chewed to sooth teething gums.
Necklace- simple with a matching pop of colour and wooden ring. Our customers have used the necklace while baby wearing, breastfeeding and on their travels ( great distraction while on a plane). There are so many benefits!! The breakaway clasp ensure safety while being worn and the satin cord is super strong. The beads are knotted in place to keep them coming loose. 
Dummy/ Teether clip- the silicone clip means the whole item is safe from chompy teeth. The clip as silicone grips that can be attached to clothing or straps. This complies with UK safety standards in length and durability, this means we cannot add length to the strap. You can request an additional Mam dummy attachment if you require.
With safety being the main focus, we use certified materials that are food grade approved within Europe and the UK. This ensures that they are safe to chew on and reduce wear and tear so that they last as long as possible.
A breakaway clasp is fitted to the necklace so that it can easily be taken off, length can also be adjusted if required. 
Silicone beads are mould resistant and the satin cord is strong and durable. 
Perfect for keeping your dummy or teether from being lost or dropped, attention for busy little hands and gums. While being pretty for that special Mum. 
These items are not toys and their use should always be in an adults presence. If you notice wear and tear please reframe from using
To care for your items please wash in warm soapy water and air dry ( as this cares for the wooden beads and avoids them blowing). Natural oils can be used on the wooden beads to nourish them ( coconut oil or olive oil) but are not necessary. 
If you require a Mam dummy attachment for the dummy/teething clip please request in box 1.

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