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Lego Batman Reward Chart (digital file) For Boys & Girls-Creative Crew Designs-Early Years Boutique
Lego Batman Reward Chart (digital file) For Boys & Girls-Creative Crew Designs-Early Years Boutique
Lego Batman Reward Chart (digital file) For Boys & Girls-Creative Crew Designs-Early Years Boutique
Lego Batman Reward Chart (digital file) For Boys & Girls-Creative Crew Designs-Early Years Boutique
Lego Batman Reward Chart (digital file) For Boys & Girls-Creative Crew Designs-Early Years Boutique
Lego Batman Reward Chart (digital file) For Boys & Girls-Creative Crew Designs-Early Years Boutique
Lego Batman Reward Chart (digital file) For Boys & Girls-Creative Crew Designs-Early Years Boutique

Children's Reward Chart, Instant Download, Digital Download, Personalised, Lego Batman Design

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This Gorgeous Gift, has been brought to you by Creative Crew Designs. See more from this popular collection here.

According to ‘Super Nanny’ Jo Frost, Positive attention and praise are the most effective rewards for good behaviour, however the reward chart is a useful way to reinforce good behaviour on the spot.
Children love the feeling of the instant gratification that comes with placing a sticker on their chart, edging them another step closer to their goal. Keeping a Reward chart allows you to stop and acknowledge when they have achieved a goal, whether it be behavioural or a new skill like potty training or if they have completed a chore.
Keeping a chart also gives you child something to aim for… when they have collected enough stickers or completed their chart, you can reward them with a treat or even an outing of their choosing. For Example, at the time of writing this my son has just completed his 2nd chart and the whole way through he had his sights firmly fixed on some Lego. He absolutely loved being taken into our local toy store and getting to chose (with gentle guidance of course) the Lego he had been completing his chart for. 

We have worked really hard to design and make a beautifully themed reward chart that your child will love! Both Monday – Sunday and Sunday – Saturday versions included.

As an added bonus we are including a stunning ‘step’ reward chart… this style of reward chart is our oldest son’s (age 5 at time of writing) favourite type of chart.

We have included 78 pre-made and editable chores that are suitable for a range of ages and if you can’t find the one you want you can either change the text or type your own in :)

Beautifully designed themed circle and rounded square buttons, some of which you can edit to add your child’s name into. 

All our charts and files come in 2 sizes, US letter and A4. US Letter is the default paper size in the United States and much of North America, while A4 has been popularised in the United Kingdom and most of the world.

This is an instant digital download, this means no waiting, no shipping fees and no physical product will be delivered.

1. Purchase this listing
2. You will then receive an email within 24hours with a link to download the PDF’s.
3. Print, cut and enjoy!

Note: This item(s) is a digital file(s) only & no physical item is shipped to your home.

1. Photo paper or high quality paper is recommended when printing for best results. Print at home or at a local print shop. (Print as ‘Actual Size’ in PDF)
2. Laminate the charts if you prefer for repeat usage :)
3. Buttons can be printed on full label sheets with the rounded square reward buttons cut with scissors or use a 1” hole punch for circle reward buttons
4. To attach the reward buttons if not using label sheets you can use double-sided tape, Velcro buttons or blu-tack

The file(s) are to be opened in Adobe Reader. Download it FREE at http://get.adobe.com/reader/. If you need any help, I would be more than happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact me :)


Do my hair / Brush my teeth / Take a bath or a shower / Wash my hands / Wash face / Go potty / Take my medicines

Be quiet / Keep my glasses on / No hitting / Keep finger out of mouth / Do something nice for someone / Say something nice / Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ / Use my manners / Good listening / Appointment

Get dressed / Pajamas on / Pajamas away / Match socks / Shoes on / Socks on / Shoes and jacket / Fold clothes / Put clothes in the hamper / Put laundry away / Help with laundry / Dry undies / Put summer clothes on / Put winter clothes on

Help cooking / Help with groceries / Do my chores / Mop floor / Sweep / Clean windows / Dust shelves / Vacuum floor / Clean bathroom / Clean the car / Lights off / Water plants / Mow / Shovel snow / Get the mail

Make my bed / Go to sleep on time / Take a nap / Story time / Clean bedroom / Pick up 20 things / Pick up toys 

Go to school / Arrive on time / Pack / Unpack schoolbag / Read or create / Do my homework / Practice a musical instrument / Arts and crafts time / Sports / Gymnastics

Eat vegetables / Eat my breakfast / Snack / Pack lunchbox / Set the table / Clear the table / Bring dishes to the sink / Load - unload dishwasher / Take out the garbage

Go to the church / Say a prayer / Read Bible

Walk dog / Wash dog / Take care of my pet / Feed fish

We are happy when our clients are :-) and will try to do whatever we can until you are satisfied with your order. Thank you for visiting our shop, we really appreciate you considering our reward charts to use with your kid(s).

Due to the digital nature of this product, returns are not accepted. If your order does not meet your expectations or I have made a mistake please contact me and I will do my best to correct it.

The colours displayed on your monitor may vary slightly from the actual printed product as all printers and monitors reproduce colours differently.

All images and content are Copyright to Creative Crew Designs and by purchasing you are granted permission for personal non-commercial use only. These files may be printed as many times as you like. Images and content are non-transferable. Sharing of files is strictly prohibited. Files may not be resold, altered or posted in digital form, as a free download, or as a printed piece.



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