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Be the first to see our charity donated, LIVE Competition Raffles!  Win a gorgeous prize at a fraction of the price!  10% of the money generated will be donated to a charity choosen by the raffle winner. Tickets start from just  £2!  The most exciting & fun way to win big and pay less, with high odds of winning.   Enter now > 

Raffle ends...

11 July 23.59pm 

Number of tickets

50 tickets in total

Check how many tickets are left by clicking the 'enter now' button above.


Product description

A gorgeous extra large, personalised unicorn teddy!

These beautiful unicorns make delightful gifts, soft and cosy with cute smiling eyes and super plush cuddly material.  They are suitable from birth and come with a trusted CE certification. 


Colours available

White & pink

Pink & white

Grey & green



Extra large as pictured - approx 24 inches

This gift is personalised

Personalise with any name!


Competition details

Tickets - £2.50


Chance of winning

If 1 ticket is purchased - 1 / 50 chance of winning

If 2 tickets are purchased - 1 / 25 chance of winning

If 5 tickets are purchased - 1 / 10 chance of winning

If 10 tickets are purchased - 1 / 5 chance of winning


Competition terms

All tickets must be sold for the LIVE Competition to take place. If not enough tickets have been purchased, we'll add more time to the timer.

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