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The Years Boutique & Covid-19 April Update

Convid-19 from The Early Years Boutique.  Written 21st April 2020
" an adequately sterililsed work place " for your " friends and loved ones " and our customers.
Hey everyone, The Early Years Boutique (www.teyboutiuqe.com), are operating online as normal, working with trusted selling partners, couriers and Royal mail, both in the areas of wearing suitable PPE while sorting and delivery your mail.   Plus, they must always maintain an adequately sterililsed work place & clean equipment and be doing everything in their power for the safe and timely delivery a safe of your item to our customers and your friends and loved ones.

How we are helping our new sellers
We have SLASHED our joining fee, to help small businesees, crafters and independnt sellers reach new buyers.  The once off fee from £349 has been slashed to £39 for a limited time only.

How we are helping our current sellers
You can now login and have full store access to your entire website to make edits / amanends / adding personalisee boxes where applicable, etc etc.  You can email us anytime for help using teyboutique14@gmail.com.  You can get help with advertising, promotions, everything to boost your sales on our platform.

How we are help our customers 
Each new customers customer, this week ONLY, will receive double points, 600, instead of 300 for opening a new account with us.  You must use thls link https://teyboutique.com/pages/earn-loyal-points and use the 'sign up' link.  Ends 30th April. 
Each new customer also gets 15% off their first order and another free voucher for their 2nd order.  Builing up loyalty points is very exciting.  Once you have bulit them up and want to spend them online, email Emma using teyboutique14@gmail.com to receive your coupon.

Thanks to all for reading,
Emma Smyth
Creative Director & Founder
The Early Years Boutique