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Product Showcase Terms & Conditions

Congratulations to registering for the product showcase package with TEYBoutique.com’s online platform as a

‘Creative Business Partner’ you will be able to access new markets, increase brand awareness of your product and business through a unique competition. 

We have intentionally wrote our T&C’s in the most simple and everyday

language to ensure your quick understanding and our commitment as a partner

in growing your business.

What we ask of you: The following guidelines will help we can help each

other grow your business and meet the highest level of customer service.   

1. Engaged Marketing

To ensure your competition is a success, we encourage you to share your competition with others on the socials.  I.e. Facebook and Twitter.

2. Provide Great Customer Service
– we encourage all

partners to:

 Honor the competition agreement by

 ... shipping the product in excellant condition to the customer

 ... doing so promptly when the competition is finished

3. Working in partnership

We are a small, independent and committed team who work hard to help

you grow your business and provide a great service. All communication

with Partners is carried out email. We ask all of our Partners to maintain a

professional relationship in any dealings with any member of staff at


A partner should not bad mouth the good name of The Early Years Boutique or share private information of the conversations that took place with anyone, other than members of staff.  Failure to do so, may result in further action being taken.

TEYBoutique.com’s Fee’s

There are 2 specific fees at TEYBoutique.com

1 month product showcase + competition £29

All our prices are very competitive

and the best on the market and is a non-refundable fee.

3 months product showcase + competition £39

All our prices are very competitive

and the best on the market and is a non-refundable fee.


Cancellation & Termination

You can cancel your partnership with TEYBoutique.com at any time by emailing orders@teyboutique.com

We like to discuss if we can help with support prior to termination.


We cannot and do not provide refunds.


The Early Years Boutique maintains the right to cancel or terminate a partnership at any time.  Although, we will always speak to a partner first to discuss the matter.


Possible reasons for termination.

1. A strong dispute, disagreement or fallout with the consultant

2. If the consultant is damaging the good name of The Early Years Boutique online marketplace


If your partnership has been terminated, you will receive an email from us.