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Inspired by my son, after waiting 8 years for him

Winter is fast approaching. As the days get shorter and colder, I like to enjoy quality time with my son to have fun and just play. My business, The Little Indian Company, creators of beautifully crafted wooden toys, was Inspired by my beautiful son who I waited 8 years for!


On cold days, I love to create memories with my son, by playing with these classic wooden toys that also look great as decorations. Below, I have shared my 7 top tips to having fun, talking and playing indoors...


I take the time to switch off the technology and just play and interact with my child. You should try it and you'll soon see the difference it makes!



My top 7 tips to fun, talk and play


  1. Make sure you are face to face when talking or playing with your child, so they can easily see and hear you
  2. Have fun with nursery rhymes and songs, especially those with actions
  3. Talk about things your child is interested in
  4. Repeat key words often
  5. Use simple language when talking to your child, e.g. ‘Teddy’s sleeping’.
  6. Using gestures alongside words can make it easier for your child to remember the word
  7. Make it easier for your child to talk by cutting out distracting background noises. e.g. turn off the television.



The little Indian Company was born In February 2014. My background of a speech and language therapist and throughout my 14 year career I have seen the importance of developing language through play and daily interactions. So many families have lost the essence of play in this age with computers, tablets, smart phones and televisions govern daily interactions. My aim was to bring simple traditional toys to children and families to enjoy and create special memories through personal interactions and to develop the child's play, social and communication skills.


All of the Little Indian Company Toys are made by our highly skilled artisan families in India. All our material and wood are sustainable. The quality and craftsmanship on the toys are stunning and simple, prefect for little hands and little brains to play and learn.


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Thanks for reading,

Sunita, Founder, The Little Indian Company