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Consultancy Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Congratulations on joining the Early Years Boutique Ltd consultancy platform as a

‘New business’.  With your tailored 'Road map to Success' guide, you will now be able to

move your business forward in the right direction, taking it to new levels.  This detailed

guide will help you reach your business goals.  E.g. identify new markets, increase your

sales, define your vision & explore strategies.

We have intentionally written our T&C’s in the most simple and everyday

language to ensure your quick understanding and our commitment as a consultant 

in growing your business.

What we ask of you: The following guidelines are to help grow your business and meet the highest level of customer service.

1. Working in partnership

We are a small, independent and committed team who work hard to help

you grow your business and provide a great service. All communication

with New Business is carried out via phone, email and social platforms.   We ask all of

our Partners to maintain a professional relationship in any dealings with any member of

staff at TEYBoutique.com


2. TEYBoutique.com's Consultancy Fees

There are 2 specific fees at TEYBoutique.com, the monthly fee and the start up fee.  The

monthly fee is for on going consultancy, at the end of each monthly period, we further

refine your goals & how to acheive them.

The start up fee guides you a tailored 'Road map' to success guide based around your

business & specific goals.


Monthly Consultancy Fee £29


Start up Fee 


Start up Fee Options

£99 - basic guide

£199 - detailed guide

£999 - intensive month of business coaching & mentoring

3. Cancellation & Termination

You can cancel your consultancy with TEYBoutique.com at any time by emailing orders@teyboutique.com 

We cannot and do not provide refunds.


The Early Years Boutique maintains the right to cancel or terminate a consultancy partnership at any time.  Although, we will always speak to a partner first to discuss further.