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Collection: Vision Within Art

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About this collection
Greetings, welcome to my shop on The Early Years Boutique. My name is Lisa Levine and I am the creator of 'Vision With Art'. My aim is to bring more colours to the world, but on your terms, as my artwork paintings are available as prints in various sizes and colours.

For Me, my art is also a way to champion good causes and to amaze the public with my ever evolving concepts and ideas.  

I pride myself in creating art that is totally different and unique, using my special colour on colour technique to produce striking art creations.

Art and painting is something I really love and I want to do it for the rest of my life. There is really no greater achievement for me than painting a work that makes my eyes happy. If it makes my eyes go ahh, then my paintings are ready to take on the world".    

Best wishes


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