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About this collection

The Multi-Award winning Poddle Pod is a unique multifunctional Pod that was designed by a Mum to help parents settle their little ones. They are available in two sizes (0-6m - 6-36m)

What Makes The Poddle Pod Different To Other Pods & Nests? - Our Pods have a clever hammock in the centre which isn\'t filled, which is great for air permeability and gives the \"being cradled\" feeling which some little ones desperately crave. The natural positioning helps to soothe reflux and colic as well as preventing the startle reflex which can prematurely wake newborns. When your little one has a good quality nap time, they wake up refreshed and happier which can help make parenting easier.

UK Designed & Made - The Poddle Pod is made from 100% cotton and filled with the very best premium hollowfibre filling which is hypoallergenic and anti-fungal, which ensures the very best comfort for your little one. The Pod is supplied with a removable cover (personalised if you wish) which can easily be easily put on or removed via a zipper opening. The Poddle Pod and it\'s removable covers are fully machine washable at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried on a low heat, making it super easy to keep clean for busy parents.

As Your Baby Grows, The Poddle Pod Grows With Them - The Poddle Pod was originally designed around a four-month-old baby. When your little one is newborn they will fit directly in the centre of the Pod, but as they grow they are then moved up to use the cushioned end for head support and their legs are draped over and supported by the cushion at the opposite end. Laying in this position ensures they get the cradled sensation and simulates being in your arms.

Multifunctional - You can use the Poddle Pod for many things, but the most popular uses are for naptimes, lounging, tummy time, using with siblings, play time, baby massage, photography, sponge baths, camping, wardrobe and nappy changes and great for taking with you when visiting friends and relatives. Mums have even told us that they have used them in changing rooms to help when taking their baby swimming!



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