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Educational Starter Playtime Story Magnet Learning Set for Kids (Home & School)-Chatterbox Planet-Early Years Boutique
Educational Starter Playtime Story Magnet Learning Set for Kids (Home & School)-Chatterbox Planet-Early Years Boutique
Educational Starter Playtime Story Magnet Learning Set for Kids (Home & School)-Chatterbox Planet-Early Years Boutique

Educational Starter Playtime Story Magnet Learning Set for Kids (Home & School)

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This Gorgeous Gift, has been brought to you by Chatterbox Planet. See more from this popular collection here.

Looking for a fun, educational way to fuel creativity and communication skills with kids?

‘Story magnet’ sets from ‘Chatterboxplanet’ will stretch your child’s imagination and help them express their ideas and share their stories comfortably and confidently.

Versatile Chatterbox Story Magnets can be played with or used in many ways.

Starter  Sheet only’


- 30 Colourful and unique ‘Everyday’ themed magnets to add to start off your ‘Storytelling adventures’

 -They could sit quietly on their own and make up a story of their own, scribe it, or share it with their friends and family

-small groups at school during Literacy Lessons or at Playtime with friends.

-1:1 Bedtime story sessions with you and your child, perhaps even a sibling.

Whichever way you choose to play with these sets … The adventure will be an awesome one where families reconnect, communicate, laugh and share with one another.

  • They help your child learn new vocabulary and express themselves more confidently.
  • They are an effective way to encourage dynamic play with you and your child.
  • ‘Story magnets’ offer a great outlet for the expression of feelings ideas and promotes spontaneous communication.
  • They build self-confidence and allow your child the freedom to create any story without the need for ‘rules’.
  • They are so versatile they could be used anywhere


Make story-telling easy and fun for the whole family wherever you are.

Use our magnetic boards for journeys in the car or out and about, play with them in the kitchen on the fridge.

Teachers: make story writing fun and stimulating with these in the classroom.

All children love magnets! They will keep coming back again and again with a fresh idea and a new name for each character.

Versatile Chatterbox Story Magnets can be played with anywhere by anyone. Educators, speech and language therapists, play therapists, parents, carers and leaders of nurture groups may find them a particularly useful tool in their contact with children.


Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Shuffle the magnets and stack them facedown. Take a magnet from the top of the pile and start building your story. You could put the magnets on a magnetic surface or just wherever you are.

Chatter-Stack can be played individually, or in a group 2-4 players.


Spread the magnets face up on table/fridge or other magnetic surface. Take turns in clockwise direction to choose a specific magnet of your choice to continue the story being developed.

Magnets can be placed in a sequential row above the others to distinguish them from the rest.


Deal the magnets out to players like you would a deck of cards. Game for 2-4 players.

Each player gets a turn to place the story magnet on the table/magnetic surface   The player continues the story with the magnet that has be chosen. Either the magnets are upside down and chosen randomly, or the players choose their next story magnet as they see fit.


Think of and sort the magnets into different categories depending on the ability and age of the players. E.g.: alive/not alive


Plant /animal



This is a perfect game to play with EAL learners, younger siblings/toddlers to develop and enhance vocabulary.

Spread cards over table. Fridge. Ask learners to find specific items. e.g.: Find the cake? Where is the bicycle?

Ask specific questions about the individual magnets. EG:  What colour is the girls dress?


 Allow 5-7 working days for magnets to arrive after payment received.

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