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Collection: Little B's Baby Closet

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About this collection

Little b’s baby closet turns your treasured baby clothes into beautiful memory animals as a keepsake for you and your baby. Each patch on your memory animal will tell a story, have a special memory and capture magical moments -- the coming home outfit, the very first item you bought when you found out you were expecting, their first birthday, their first outing and just your favourite outfits that you loved dressing them up in.

Let me capture those special memories by making you your very own memory animal keepsake made from all those precious first clothes.

I offer a range of animals but if there is a specific animal you would like / special to you then please let me know. You are able to personalise them by adding a name, date of birth and weight.

Each keepsake will be sewn, stuffed and hand finished by me and I promise to take the same special care over your clothing as I do my own little ones. I understand how sentimental each item of clothing is and the memories they represent.

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