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Collection: Just organics LTD

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About this collection
Customers order a cleanse of ether 1,2,3,5 day cleanse , the starter
cleanse is Our mildest cleanse, for people new to detoxing,the
radiance is our immunity booster cleanse, the green cleanse is for
our more advanced juicer. Each cleanse consists of 6 350ml juices
the cleanse\'s are only made to order and will be delivered the next
day ( morning ) juices can stay fresh for up to 3 days in the
fridge, juices should never be frozen. 5 day detoxes will be made up
and delivered in two separate deliveries as juices are made fresh.
We also do a 3 day blood cleanser detox  to heals detox the blood
and liver, helpful for smokers or people who wanting to stop.
consists of 3 330ml juices.

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