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Collection: Faye Style House Dev

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About this collection

We are a trendy online boutique. We sell one off products and unique pieces. We don’t always stick to seasonal fashion but we do sell ‘must haves’.

We do sell the ‘trend’ for that season but also items that we feel ‘look nice’ and make people ‘feel good’. We LOVE colour and we know it suits EVERYONE – sometimes people are afraid of colour.

Due to these factors  we pride ourselves in first class customer service and with this we make ourselves available all day and especially in the evenings on our social media pages. For example when someone likes a picture or private mails us about a particular top – i will spend time with that customer and chat to them about the top – we discuss what they could wear it with – even down to the very colour of lipstick to wear it with – almost like a personal shopping experience.

They then buy the top as we have made them feel good about themselves. We also offer a service in Belfast where we let our customers try the products on first – we deliver the items then come back for whatever doesn’t suit – this is free of charge as we are in Belfast – our customers love it!!

I started this business while on maternity leave with my second child – I got a feel for network marketing and I have always loved fashion.  As a child and I'd get excited putting an outfit together but my daughter who is 4 is OBSESSED with fashion also so one day i woke up and said I AM DOING IT – there was no stopping me.

I started Faye’s Style House. I came up with the name because Faye is my daughter and Style House because i am doing this from my own home and I very much live in a style house – so it was perfect. I have always bought my own stock. I do not drop ship or order in when an order comes in – all items you see are in stock!

I send out all items same day so most customers get their item(s) the next day. People LOVE this.

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