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Collection: Pre Packed Hospital, Overnight & Labor Bags by Devon Road Babies

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About this collection

 Got everything for baby already? Now, you can get an overnight bag that is just for mums then have fun adding some beautiful extra's for baby.  Our top designer collection from Devon Road Babies contain a handpicked selection of pre packed hospital bag essentials for pregnant mum, laboring mum and luxury gifts for new baby.  Not forgetting a handy 'photo ready' kit for Dad.  Perfect!


Experts & Market Leaders
Pure, Organic & Natural 

Anywhere you see this icon you can be assured that the product has been awarded a recognised organic certification meaning the product has ben produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides and with the utmost care for the environment and workers involved throughout the chain. 
Committed to safe and fair working procedures with better standards of living 
We award an ethical icon to brands who are making a committed effort to motioning their production line and adhering to more ethical procedures. This may be in the form of ethical certification such as Fair Trade, through a charitable core or evidenced in the way the brand has committed themselves to maintaining ethical working practices.  
Reducing negative impact to the Environment 

If you see the Sustainable icon it means this brand or product is taking their environmental impact and responsibilities seriously. They may have official ISO or FSC accreditiation or by constantly monitoring and improving company procedures to be more eco-friendly, using and producing recycled or recyclable products and packaging while taking time to understand where their supplies have come from.

Made in the UK

If a brand only manufactures in Britain or your product has made here you will see this icon. Made In Britain allows you to support British manufacturing and economy while being 100% sure that workers rights are fair and protected. 

British Registered, British Owned

This is awarded to our British Brands that are consistently producing great products which have worldwide demand. They may not be made in Britain for a variety of reasons however, the icon means the company is British registered & British owned meaning they are an important part of our economy.

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