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Collection: Baby Sleepy Dust

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About this collection

Having first-hand experience of multiple night wakings with my own daughter over a period of several months, I trained as a Child Sleep Advisor in order to better understand how and why we had fallen into disruptive sleep habits and what I could do to facilitate a more healthy sleep pattern.

I now support parents through similar experiences by designing personalised sleep plans and suggesting approaches that ensure the needs of both the parents and their child are met.

Each child is unique and problems with sleep can occur at any stage of childhood.  With this in mind, each sleep plan reflects the circumstances of the family I am working with – taking into consideration the child’s age, routine, diet, health and the home environment..

I am an OCN OTC accredited Sleep Advisor and a Member of the British Sleep Society.

My initial phone consultation is free of charge and following that, my sleep plans can be purchased independently of any other service I provide or alongside a variety of levels of support either over the phone or via text and email. I also provide newborn workshops – designed to give new parents the tools to introduce good sleep habits in the first six months.

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