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Collection: Animal Herbology Ltd

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About this collection

I am a fully qualified Dog groomer working in my home based pet salon.
Over the years of grooming dogs I saw all kinds of conditions from skin
problems (hot spots, fungal infections) to bad tartar build up, fleas &
ticks, sore sticky eyes and ear infections.  I would point out the
issues to my customers on collection and was frequently asked for advice
for over the counter treatments.  As I don't believe in using harsh
chemicals on pets I couldn\'t confidently advise on a course of action
apart from a visit to the vet.  Unfortunately most of the pets came back
again for their next grooming appointment with the existing condition
untreated and often in a much worse state.  Lots of my customers said
that a visit to the vet was too costly, firstly around £30-£35 for a
consultation followed by more money for the drugs required.  This is
when the seed for Animal Herbology was planted.

I then started my journey looking into the benefits of using herbs for
pet remedies, and found well documented evidence of the success when
used for all kinds of animal ailments.  I  then got together with my
long term friend and now business partner Jayne and we found a herbal
manufacturer who was willing to work with us to create a range of herbal
pet products.  This then took a couple of years from initial idea to
sourcing ingredients and getting approval for production, but we now
have a one stop shop of eleven 100% natural, bespoke herbal pet
products.  Our portfolio covers all aspects of animal care, from teeth
cleaning, flea & tick prevention to wormers and stress management and
everything in between.   We initially sold our products to our friends
and family and to my Customers, they loved them and the results where
amazing,  so we then had an e commerce site built for customers to order
online.  We have just registered our site with google business.

We are selling the individual items but will be putting together some
lovely hampers. Such as a new puppy/kitten hamper, something nice for
valentines.  We have a lot of pets with sensitive itchy skin and we have
several products to treat this condition, so again we could have a
sensitive hamper.  We have a superb calmer for Bonfire night and New
years eve fireworks, so again another idea for a hamper.  Our products
look pretty and really do appeal to the female population! Lots of our
customers buy a couple of items for their pets store cupboard as they
look so lovely! (and of course they work!).   They also love the product
names, we have such items as PERFECT PEGS for teeth, PERFECT PEEPERS for
eyes, JUST CHILLIN for our herbal calmer and so on.

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