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Have an Absolutely Aromatic Valentines Day

Aromatic, sweet, concentrated, pure and truly delicious… sounds good doesn't it? But what on earth are we actually talking about?

OK, we'll tell you.  We are talking about ABSOLUTES.

Absolutes are a natural choice of indulgent scents to “feed” your skin and stimulate senses. Everything that you need for an Absolutely Aromatic Valentines Day!!

Buniq specailise in freshly made and 100% preservative free lipo-cosmetics that feature unique water-free formulas. Concentrated & infused with nourishing & caring lipo-ingredients (plant oils & butters). They are inspired by super-food lipo-therapy and formulated with precious oils sourced from powerful plants, seeds & fruits, which are cold pressed and minimally processed to preserve the ingredients rich nutritional qualities.

Have an Absolutely Aromatic Valentines Day!