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12 Creative ways to store & display your teddies, soft toys & rag dolls

Here we've listed 12 Creative ways to store & display soft toys, teddies and rag dolls.

On a wooden shelf.   Perfect for proudly displaying any teddy, rag doll or soft toy.  Even better if the item is personalised and you want to keep it in great condition.

In the gift box they came in.  Some toys come with gift boxes.  Find them here >


In a fabric basket.  Ideal for storing toys and leaving less mess in the bedroom or nursery.  Fabric baskets also be beautiful addittion to any bedroom or nursery.


In a wire basket.  Ideal for storage.  Plus little eyes can spot the desired teddy before plunging into the basket and dragging everything out to find the toy they want!


Packed away in a drawer.  Ideal if you have lots of teddies and soft toys.  Toys can be packed away after playtime leaving a mess free room at the end of the day.  Isn't that what we all want really!


Coloured plastic tubs.  A personal favourite of mine.  We have pink for a girl in my house.  Choose the colour you want to match teh colour scheme of the bedroom, playroom or nursery.


Personalised toy boxes are IN!  Perfect centerpiece to any room.  Shop personalised toy boxes & teddies here >  


On the bed surrounded by gorgeous cushions.  Another favourite of mine.  


Hanging shoe racks.  Use for teddies, rather than shoes.  Looks great and works great.  Less mess all round.  


Carefully placed on the side of the cot.  Very pretty display idea while they are babies at least!


Under bed storage is another one to store little bits, soft toys and the abundance of teddies your little one might have.  Storage units can be pulled in and out as and when needed with no fuss. 


On a chair.  Store all your little bits, soft toys and teddies on a chair, giving it a new name, the toy chair.  


Hanging fabric baskets.  Another amazing creative idea for storage and display purposes.


Store in a cubboard, giving it a new name, the toy cubboard.   Perfect for lots and lots of toys of any size.  


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