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How to make the most profit from selling with The Early Years Boutique

It's time to prepare!

Don't get caught out in the rain without an umbrella.

I've put together a handy checklist to improve sales with The Early Years Boutique.   

For all FREE & PAID promotions,  spaces are limited!  We operate on a first come, first serve basis. 

If you'd like to learn more about improving sales on TEYboutique.com, here's a guide to maximise sales.




Weekly promotions

  1. At least two social shout outs each week to your store - you can do this yourself
  2. Adding new products each week 
  3. Keep in regular contact with Emma, there's always opportunities available and just emailing to say 'hi' could mean an opportunity goes your way.
  4. Talk to Emma and Rachel and ask for guidance if and when you need it.
  5. ENGAGE with us on our socials.  Liking and sharing a post really help our reach and helps eachother.
  6. If you have a product selling exceptionally well, please add it to your store and let us know. 


Quarterly promotions

  1. Adding a blog to our website & we'll market it - email Rachel to get started
  2. Spotlighting a comp on FB - email Rachel to get started
  3. Add an update to your own website, e.g.  Alice and Joseph and the early years boutique.  Talk about your journey so far.  Keep it short and simple and always link back to your webstore. 





Everyday promotions

  1. Run a special offer & get extra exposure  - Email emma using orders@teyboutique.com
  2. Display advertising - Email emma using orders@teyboutique.com





Don't forget to order your stationary at www.stationaryjack.co.uk/teyb as we do spotchecks. 


If you need any help with anything, please email Emma using orders@teyboutique.com or use the 'live chat' button on our website to talk to Emma directly.


Many thanks,

Emma Smyth

Creative Director & Founder