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How selling via online marketplaces help grow your profits

Some small-business owners are content to maintain a small operation they can run themselves in return for a decent, but limited, income. Others, however, are driven by the challenge of growing their business and increasing profits on a large scale.  If the latter applies to you, then an online marketplace is the prefect place for you.

Over the years , the explosion of online selling has seen the UK shoppers spend £91bn online in 2013 and sales of around £107bn in 2014. With online shopping having become part of our everyday lives, the growth levels we are seeing in the online market won’t be slowing down any time soon.

At some point, you will decide to sell online, why not now?  We would like to help you take the step to join the online marketplace revolution and turn your passion into profits in 2015.


" Online marketplaces range from eBay to Amazon however it’s important to choose a niche independent marketplace where they are dedicated to one market which you can stand out and easily gain sales. "

Online marketplaces, e-tailing, online retail are all the same thing. You probably use them on a weekly basis. They enable to you to set up your on online store within minutes, virtually risk free, with no IT experience, they look after the marketing and just email you direct with orders.  They offer designers, crafters and entrepreneurs the flexibility to work from anywhere, flexible opportunity with relatively little outlay compared to the investment and training on your own ecommerce site.


" The costs involved in selling online are substantially more affordable than selling in a bricks & mortar shop. "


The benefits are unlimited

So what are the benefits of selling and promoting your products on online marketplace are:

•    100% secure payment process and prompt payment

•    Direct marketing channel to your target market

•    Reduces cost and risk of setting up your own Ecommerce site

•    Ongoing marketing – experts are constantly marketing your product

•    Risk free way of selling your product in different countries

•    Have your product featured alongside international designers and crafters

•    Selling from an Independent and established company, ensures a level of trust between you and the buyer

•    One to one advice and learning to help you grow your business

•    Allows sellers to build supportive communities of like-minded enthusiasts who give each other feedback and advice and promote each others' work.

Most of make money while your sleeping

An Online marketplace allows you to make sales while you sleep. Here’s a couple of instances from our sellers where sales have come in at ‘odd’ times just recently… They tell us about sales come through whilst at their child’s playgroup, while they having lunch or while they are sleeping from international countries. As you know for many flexibility is key as well as growing your profits.

Online platforms like Early Years Boutique support and made it easy for creative to turn their passion into profits (literally straight into their bank accounts). They opened up so many opportunities to people who otherwise would not have pursued their dreams and got past the Facebook account.

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