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Get Perfect Baby Soft Skin

Get perfect baby soft skin with this amazing range from our revolutionary new Selling Partner BUNIQ.   Skin heals much faster, with less blemishes and scarring, plus the serum itself leaves a beautiful herbal scent on the skin.


Before and After


What’s in it and how does it work?

100% based on plant oils, concentrated with ORGANIC TAMANU OIL which is well recognised for its skin repairing properties. Used for centuries in the Pacific Islands on wounds to heal and reduce scarring. Ideal for acne scarring and skin blemishes.

Contains SALICYLIC ACID one of the most effective actives that normalises skin shedding, prevents dead cells build up and pores obstruction, that in many cases leads to black heads and acne development. This naturally occurring in silver birch active shows great pore cleansing and skin renewing properties.

With BISABOLOL, naturally occurring in chamomile and responsible for soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Topped up with herbal essential oils of TEA TREE & LEMONGRASS that also act as anti-bacterial and anti-acne agents.



"To make sure the serum really works (not only on my skin) we organised a panel testing, send out few samples to the interested people and asked them to use it twice a day for two weeks."
"The results were incredible! The comments and pictures speak for itself"
"I am so happy to have this product as it helped me so much! I have been using it for 2 weeks, twice daily and my skin is smooth again, no signs of inflammation and acne, even skin tone. It's very pleasant at application, nice scent, absorbs quickly, so I could put my make up soon after application. I highly recommend this product, just look what it has done to my skin!"