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A colourful blue hair Maker, splashes colour all over her work

PippaRoo Handmade was born from my love of art & crafting.  Named after my two beautiful girls, Pippa and Ruby. I am a huge believer in crafting for therapy, and so when I discovered a fabulously talented designer of amazing laser cut products, I jumped at the chance to start creating beautiful, personalised home decor. Most notably, my wooden dream catchers.


PippaRoo Handmade has been running for a whole year now, and my wonderful customers have made it possible for my passion in colourful art to become part of my every day life, even down to my blue hair!

There have been a few challenges along the way, as there are with most start-ups: A lack of childcare; Almost little to no money for advertising; and I have also suffered with severe depression for a few years now. However, I have now faced these issues head on, and through the support of family, friends and community services, and also my customers, life has become so much better for my girls, my husband and me!

My ambition is to make PippaRoo Handmade my full-time job throughout 2019, and that goal is much closer now that I have joined TEYBoutique.com!! 
Thanks for reading, Kim (PippaRoo Handmade)