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A talented skill sews up a Clothing line business

Say Hello to one of our new VIP sellers!! 

Sweet Kindred Clothing is a brand based in Devon making clothes for children! 

Here is what Jo had to say about her business 😀

"I started sewing when I was pregnant with my daughter, just little bits. But got into it properly when she was about 18 months old. Experimenting with different fabrics, I came to love french terry and jersey. I love that my daughter has clothes that no one else has. All my items are a few of a kind. Which means your items are unique. I also love it when my daughter suggests mixing up patterns. So she will have a totally crazy outfit. I love seeing her face when I create her item. 

I had so many comments on the clothes my daughter wore, that I decided to start selling, that was April 2018. I haven’t looked back. I love that all my clothes are unique, very rarely is there more than 2 of each size. I love making matching sets for siblings, Christmas outfits, I have even made a waistcoat for a first birthday boy. Jersey is my favourite fabric, there are so many patterns available. I am now looking at creating fabric from pictures my daughter has drawn. The turnaround time for this is about 3/4 weeks. I also can not follow a pattern (sssssshhhhhh, don’t tell anyone). I therefore create my own patterns. Which I really enjoy, I am always tinkering in my sewing room trying new ideas, some work, some need working on! 
I love showing my daughter that I can work and be a mummy, especially as we sometimes sew together, (she has her own machine), she loves sewing her own skirts and matching ones for her dolly’s. I used to sew late at night, when my daughter napped or when she was engrossed in her toys. now she is at school it’s a lot more easier to sew. (I also have a day job that I fit my sewing in and around, and being term time only I have plenty of holidays). 
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