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5 Things To Consider when Joining The Early Years Boutique by Hannah, Little Moo Boutique

5 Things To Consider when Joining The Early Years Boutique (just do it)

One of our successful sellers, HANNAH from LITTLE MOO BOUTIQUE has penned a few words to you fellow designers, to help you take the leap of faith when joining the fabulous Early Years Boutique – a World Class online platform which provides amazing exposure. Pictured above is Hannah's daughter, Mia.

“ It’s like having my own global department store from the comfort of my kitchen. ”

Right to the heart of my target market
I’m a busy mum of daughter Mia, having a TEYBoutique.com store targets my market expertly and has been a powerful platform for generating new sales.

I love the sense of community
As I work from home on a part time basis, it can be lonely. Being part of The Early Years Boutique gives me a sense of belonging and sense of community and teamwork

Don’t do it all alone, you can’t do everything
The Early years boutique helped and guided in the beginning and continually provides business support for my business every step of the way, from product support to connecting with my customers and proving amazing product promotion opportunities for my business.

A picture is worth 1,000 clicks
Well not literally, but in order to entice people to view your items your photos have to be clear, concise, in-focus and show enough detail for the customer to make an informed decision before buying it. Make sure you have a decent camera (a tripod is helpful) and some place with a clean background to take your photos before you start listing items.

TEYBoutique.com Helped me to tell me story
TEYB has helped me to tell my story, grow my business, drive traffic to my online store with measurable results for Little Moo Boutique and I’ve had A LOT of sales.
Thanks for Reading,